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Spectro.Life calculates your race potential and helps you create a mathematically optimised race plan for pacing, nutrition and hydration based on your athlete profile and other personal preferences.

During onboarding, you have the option to manually create your athlete profile or connect your Garmin or Coros accounts. If you choose to connect your accounts, Spectro.Life downloads your activities from the past 90 days and uses this data to calculate your current fitness, fatigue, form, maximum tolerable fatigue, endurance, ascent and descent capabilities, and more. This profile is continuously updated with each new activity downloaded, ensuring that your plan remains personalised and up-to-date.

pre-race checklist

Reduce your pre-race anxiety by following a routine based on wisdom from many experienced runners and personalised with your own experiences

This way, you can be confident that you have everything you need to perform at your best.


Voice ControL

Spectro.Life is voice-controlled, so you don't have to waste precious time during the race taking your phone out of your pocket. Plus, it's gentle on your phone battery, so you don't have to worry about it dying mid-race.

Just-in time updates

As you run, Spectro.Life continuously optimizes your plan, adjusting it whenever significant deviations occur. This means that you'll always have a realistic and achievable plan to follow, no matter what happens during the race.

We know that ultramarathons can be challenging, but with Spectro.Life, you can run with confidence and enjoy the experience. By taking the cognitive load off your shoulders and providing you with a realistic plan, we hope to reduce the number of drop-outs in long-distance races.

Fun factoR



Manual or Assisted plan

We calculate Training Impulse based on Edwards algorithm and normalise it with and effort of 60 minutes at Lactate Threshold to receive Heart Rate Stress Score

Fully manual plan only takes into consideration the runner's objectives. Plan A is an aspirational plan. Spectro.Life creates a timetable to reach those objectives. The Assisted optimal plan also takes into consideration the runner's abilities, Plan B is a more realistic plan.

Fitness, Fatigue, Form

Live plan updates

Metabolic fitness and temporary fatigue represent chronic and acute training load. The maximum fatigue during recent training is used for Body battery calculations.

During the race Spectro.Life monitors deviation to the plan and suggest moving to a backup plan when it is unlikely that Plan A can be fulfilled. Plan C comes with exit criteria like  dropping below a certain result or having a severe health symptom

Body battery

Key info at critical points

Is the maximum attainable HRSS during a race which represents the span between race day Form and Max Fatigue + Overdrive

Personalised reminders in checkpoints or certain conditions during race


Pre-race checklist

Is the additional effort the runner is able to squeeze out during a rece compared to a training run. It can be set to 0 for a more conservative pacing or above - for a more aggressive one. Spectro.Life learns after each race about Overdrive

Keep controllable risks at minimum. Personalise this checklist based on a personal inventory and expert recommendations

While you wait

Start running with Spectro.Life once it's ready (*) and make it the new normal, just like running with energy drinks and gels. 

Get ready to experience the race of a lifetime.

* Official product release is expected mid-summer and look for an early adopter edition by the end of this spring.

Born to perform


"Spectro.Life has completely transformed the way I approach long distance running. With its innovative approach to planning and optimization, I was able to achieve my best time yet in my last race. The voice-controlled feature made it so easy to use, and I loved that it didn't drain my phone's battery. This app is a game-changer!"

Jonathan ALBON

"As an ultramarathon runner, I'm always looking for ways to improve my performance. The app calculates the optimal plan for me, taking into account my nutrition, hydration, and weight, and adjusts it in real-time during the race. This app has helped me reduce drop-outs significantly, and I would recommend it to anyone serious about long distance running."

Riley Jones

"I've been using Spectro.Life for the past few months, and it's made a huge difference in my training. The app's ability to calculate my potential based on my previous activities is incredible - it gave me a realistic goal to work towards and helped me stay motivated. Overall, I'm extremely impressed and would recommend it to any serious runner."

A Spectro.Life Product

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The mobile app that levels up your long distance ultras.

Say goodbye to the days of running out of steam in the first half of an ultra, watching your nutrition plan slip and forgetting to hydrate properly. With Spectro.Life, you can run to your full potential and focus on what truly matters - the race.



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race report

Spectro.Life analyses your race from planning to execution along with your personal voice notes and the notes taken by your crew.

It analyses your race's deviation from the calculated optimum so that you can learn and improve. 

Spectro.Life's mathematical optimisation capabilities will also get better and better for you once you demonstrate how hard you can push yourself beyond fitness and fatigue numbers. 

benchmarks and suggestions

Spectro.Life creates a benchmark from the results of all runners and compares your race execution to it so you can see what are your strengths and weaknesses compared to runners obtaining similar results and where is your best investment to improve. 

Spectro.Life helps you

→ PRE-RACE to create a realistic and mathematically optimised pacing plan based on your current fitness, maximum tolerable fatigue and the expected form during race-day as well as an optimal nutrition and hydration plan based on latest research and personalisation of the runner,

→ IN-RACE to follow the plan, record objective data without taking your phone out of your pocket and record subjective feelings for you and your crew, receive important info along the route and re-plan with a new optimum once the original cannot be followed, as well as

→ POST-RACE to understand strengths and weaknesses compared to yourself and the rest of the field and unlock further progress.

Start running with Spectro.Life once it's ready (*) and make it the new normal, just like running with energy drinks and gels. 


Get ready to experience the race of a lifetime.

* Official product release is expected mid-summer and look for an early adopter edition by the end of this spring.

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