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Eat Healthy
No Commitment
Quit Smoking
Be Champion
Prevent Diabetes
Be Ironman
Cure Diabetes
Be Fit
Be Slim
Lose Weight
Become Active

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Activity level tuned to meet your caloric intake and goal weight

Maintain optimal weight

Assess, set keep/improve goals and constraints, realistic expectations, progress, get help, adjustments

Manage fitness

Assess your fitness level then steadily progress in line with your level of sustainable commitment

Improve fitness

After a mechanical setback like tendons, ligaments, muscle pain, get your mobility and activity level back and prevent re-appearing in the future

Recover mechanical health

Find treatment for managing diabetes, Lose Weight, Become Active

Manage diabetes

Assessment on current fitness level and recommendations

Measure fitness

For people with clinical condition. Your activity level is tuned according to your condition, historical data and your body's reaction

Safely improve fitness

You are too busy, no available coach in your area or just trust a remote coach with proven results better. Or even you need a temporary advice from a remote coach for getting you through a setback

Coach remotely

For people with clinical condition. Both caloric intake, nutrition and activity is tuned to your condition

Safely reduce weight

Assessment of current fitness level, benchmark against peer-group and recommendations on how to best improve it

Maintain fitness

Keep blood sugar in the desired range to avoid side effects. This means acting on both your nutrition and activity level and even your stress level

Manage blood sugar

In order to improve your fitness both activity, recovery and other aspects are needed to be considered. In case of incomplete recovery your fitness level will not improve. So does if the recovery is too long

Recommend activity readiness

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