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Run to your full potential

Maximize Your Ultra-Race Performance with Sound Principles and Insights from 25,000 Races

  • 1 h 45 min
  • 15 euros
  • Online (link later)

Service Description

Join the speaker Zsolt Kovacs a multiple ultra-race winner (2x2, Matra 115, Marathon 7500) and multiple UTMB Top100 finisher (2018 #62 27:30'), FKT on Fagaras Ridge 15:30' (2011-2015) with more than 15 years of experience and 30+ finished ultra-races talk about applied principles in ultra-running. Some of these principles are coming from established literature (see below), some based on own experience while making a million mistakes but some are even more unique as they incorporate the research we've done on 25,000+ individual ultra-races happening in various countries, over 7 years (to include the most famous UTMB 2017), in heat, cold, snow, mud, rocky or more runnable terrain. We've been in the quest to find out the principles that govern efforts over long-distance and especially ultra-running and we can say that we've managed to unlock the key to success. We've been working with ultra runners to apply these principles in races and we see progress everywhere where these are even marginally applied. Come and find out myths and facts that govern today's ultra-running world and apply some of the principles like: - Principle of adaptation: body reaction to stress, load and overload, RHR and HRV - Principle of specificity: energy system, neuro-muscular system, skeletal system (tendons and bones), Heart Rate and Effort Zones for training, season and tapering - Principle of energy conservation: nutrition, recovery, pacing - Principle of max sustainable intensity: fraction of VO2Max, Lactate Threshold and observations like: - Correlation between DNF and intensity - Pacing for optimal race results Some of these principles you can also deduce by reading the following literature: - General principles for running: "Run The Lydiard Way", "Daniels' Running Formula" - Scientific approach: "Science and Application of High-intensity Interval Training: Solutions to the Programming Puzzle", "Science of Running" - Ultramarathon specific: "Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons", "Training Essentials for Ultrarunning", while others you will only experiment in quantitative form only on as people are at most talking about them qualitatively without being able to measure them. We have developed a unique algorithm to deduce effort and intensity levels as well as delivered energy and this allowed us to bring a lot of data from different races together, analyze them and make conclusions that people were not able to make previously.

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Cancellation Policy

- Please be on time. Admissions are closed 5 minutes after the class is started. - Cancelations within the last 24 hours of a paid service start are non-refundable. - Exceptional cancellations with rescheduling within the last 24 hours of an established site member are acceptable.

Contact Details

suite 11, 2nd floor Strada Mircea Eliade 38A, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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