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Run to your full potential

Maximize Your Ultra-Race Performance with Tailored Pre-Race Planning, Post-Race Analysis

  • 50 min
  • 50 euros
  • Online (link later)

Service Description

Now you can have access to the same awesome team, knowledge, principles, methodologies and tools powering Spectro.Life and even more. You can have access to the tools and methodologies that are still brewing in our LAB but are already battle-tested on tens of thousands of analyzed races. We have created unique Race Analysis algorithm that takes the split times of the runners, the race track and timing point details to calculate effort, intensity and energy expended and lost during the race. With this information we are able to create benchmarks and personalization for every runner to achieve their best possible result. For an individualized ultra-race optimization we will go through the following: - Be prepared to show us your up-to-date best effort runs so we can extrapolate together your estimated race time. We will cross-check with your volume of running in the last 3 months to understand feasibility of the estimated finish time. - Using our benchmarks and energy loss estimates we can find out the maximum average intensity you can run the race with. Be prepared to show us your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) and flat pace at that heart rate. - Where we have historical data we will look at different race strategies of runners with similar capabilities and their results, mean sustainable effort levels, performance drop and other numbers that help you imagine and run the race in the best possible way. - We will coach you about the optimal pacing strategy and listen to your intentions to race in a specific way. Based on the conclusions we can calculate a pacing plan. - We will cross-check the pacing plan with race cut-off times and adjust where needed. - You will need to match this pacing plan with a nutrition and hydration plan. Ideally you should know your fat oxidation profile and your max carbo-hydrate intake limit to calculate your hourly calorie need and your sodium needs and sweat loss limits, however if you don't know these, we can suggest some benchmark values. - Finally we can offer practical advices on how to set up your HR zones, follow effort levels and others that you are ready to accept to succeed.

Cancellation Policy

- Please be on time. We all take time from something else to meet each other. - Only book free services if you mean to participate. There is a cost for all of us attending them. - Cancelations within the last 24 hours of a paid service start are non-refundable. - Exceptional cancellations with rescheduling within the last 24 hours of an established site member are acceptable.

Contact Details

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