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Data analysis of multiple races

Transforms Data into Valuable Insights, Just Like Diamonds Disperse Light

  • 45 min
  • Online (link later)

Service Description

Now you can have access to the same awesome team, knowledge, principles, methodologies and tools powering Spectro.Life’s Steady Effort planning, Race Analysis, Race Optimization, Intensity Benchmark and Individualized Running Model algorithms. The way diamonds disperse light into its components, shine and bring value to their owner, Spectro.AI's data science creates meaning out of data and brings actionable suggestions. We combine standard data science activities like: - Data collection, cleansing, normalization - Outlier detection - Trend analysis - Data micro-services - Big data technologies with not so common approaches like: - Mathematical approach (modeling data and systems by underlying physical principles), - Optimization algorithms (Quasi-Newton/L-BFGS-B, Trust Constraints, Particle Swarm Optimization, Gradient Descent Optimization) - Fuzzy Logic (for data that can be in multiple states to a variable degree at the same time) - Expert Systems modeling (data explainable by experts in form of rules where insights are inferred by a Fuzzy Inference System) - Explainable AI modeling (for outcomes that must be explained for regulatory reasons) - Convolutional Neural Network modeling (deep learning of features and relations undetectable by other methods) - Digital Twin and data denormalization - GenAI (generative artificial intelligence used in smart assistants) and deep vertical knowledge in the area of: - Location services (GPS and track accuracy improvements, Kalman filters, Map matching) - Human Physiology (metabolic cost estimation, intensity benchmarks, load analysis) - Smart assistants (domain model design, SiriKit, Google Assistant and Alexa integrations)

Cancellation Policy

- Please be on time. We all take time from something else to meet each other. - Only book free services if you mean to participate. There is a cost for all of us attending them. - Cancelations within the last 24 hours of a paid service start are non-refundable. - Exceptional cancellations with rescheduling within the last 24 hours of an established site member are acceptable.

Contact Details

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