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Experience Effortless, Intuitive Interaction with Spectro.AI's Non-Intrusive Mobile Solutions

  • 45 min
  • Online (link later)

Service Description

Now you can have access to the same awesome team, knowledge, principles, methodologies and tools powering Spectro.Life’s invisible service being the second brain for the long-distance runners while sitting in their pocket. We design mobile experiences with domain experts starting from the problem domain, continuing with the specific language and interaction model needed for the purpose. We add efficiency, performance and security in the mix spiced up with marketability and operability. If you’d like to build awesome apps we do, here is a list of ingredients we typically utilize: - Experience and Interaction Design using Material 3 design principles - Speech to text and text to speech I/O, notifications and notification interactions - Smart Assistant using SiriKit, Google Assistant, Alexa and GenAI - Efficient modeling of client server communication and payload with codegen from *.proto files - Performant communication with gRPC, field masking and data pagination - Efficient mobile application, web and desktop app development using Flutter - Performant stateful background processing using Isolates and BLoC - Robust checkpoint restart for critical business processes using Hydrated BLoC - Offline capabilities with connection management, encrypted Hive databases and offline sync - Background location services with optimized battery performance, geofencing and Kalman filter - Maps and Charts with optimized performance and interaction - Streamlined App Store and Play Store guideline implementation and release process - Marketing and Monetization (analytics, deep linking, A/B testing, try & buy, RevenueCat) Likewise, you can request our assistance with any User Interaction challenges you wish to address.

Cancellation Policy

- Please be on time. We all take time from something else to meet each other. - Only book free services if you mean to participate. There is a cost for all of us attending them. - Cancelations within the last 24 hours of a paid service start are non-refundable. - Exceptional cancellations with rescheduling within the last 24 hours of an established site member are acceptable.

Contact Details

suite 11, 2nd floor Strada Mircea Eliade 38A, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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